Typical fees applied to some of the services and financial operations are changing in Šiaulių bankas


Dear Clients,

We would like to inform that starting June 15th 2009 some of the fees applied to cash operations and currency trading are changing in Šiaulių bankas:

• Exchange of banknotes into coins, exchange of banknotes into banknotes of smaller denomination - 0,1% (min LTL 1);
• Exchange of coints into banknotes, exchange of banknotes into banknotes with biggerdenomination - 3,5% (min LTL 2);
• Fee applied to purchase or sales of currency in cash *:
- up to LTL 20 in equivalent ** - free of charge;
- exceeding LTL 20 in equivalent - LTL 1.
* Foreign currency is purchased and sold according to approved rates of Šiaulių bankas and at contractual prices. Foreign currency on the account is purchased, sold and exchaned by Šiaulių bankas on business days from 8.00 am to 03.30 pm;
** at offical (accounting) rate.

Also, we would like to inform that starting from July 1st 2009 fess applied to MasterCard Standard BIS payment card are changing:

• annual servicing of the main and/or additional card - LTL 25;
• payment order via the SB linija - 0,5% (min LTL 3).