Two new outlets in the client service network of Šiaulių bankas outright


Even two outlets of Šiaulių bankas in different towns celebrate a housewarming event on February 19th . Šiaulių bankas has entered into Kupiškis and Rokiškis. During one and a half month this year Šiaulių bankas has opened even four new outlets.

The most recently opened client service centers in Kupiškis and Rokiškis serve both - private and corporate customers that are provided with all banking services. Coming to the Bank’s outlets clients may open a bank account, pay taxes, acquire a credit or debit payment card, place a deposit, receive a credit, sign pension accumulation agreements, etc. Two bank’s experts provide services in Rokiškis and three in Kupiškis.

“Most of the bank’s services require close collaboration between the clients and bank’s officers and comprehensive discussion about the offered banking products, services and possibilities. Our goal is to find the closest relationship with clients and to satisfy their needs at maximum”, - says Daiva Kiburienė, the Head of Corporate and Retail Banking Division.

Šiaulių bankas already has four outlets in Panevežys region. Earlier the bank established its outlets in Panevežys and Biržai.  Recent two new outlets are opened in different towns , however on the same streets: Rokiškio client service center - on Vytauto str. 1, while Kupiškio - on Vytauto str. 8. These subdivisions are open for the clients on weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm.