Two new members joined the Supervisory Council of Šiaulių Bankas


On Monday, 09 May 2016, after receiving permission from the Bank of Lithuania, two new members - Darius Šulnis and Martynas Česnavičius started taking their offices in the Supervisory Council of Šiaulių Bankas AB. They were elected to the Supervisory Council during the General Meeting of Shareholders held on 30 March 2016. After expiry of the previous tenure, the meeting has elected a new Supervisory Council for another four year period. 

The newly elected Supervisory Council of Šiaulių Bankas shall include 5 previous members such as Arvydas Salda, Gintaras Kateiva, Valdas Vitkauskas, Peter Reiniger, and Ramunė Vilija Zabulienė. Two new members - Darius Šulnis ir Martynas Česnavičius – have been elected to the Supervisory Council of Šiaulių Bankas for the first time. The new Supervisory Council shall be chaired by Arvydas Salda as during the previous tenure.

D. Šulnis has gained a master in economics at Vilnius University and improved his qualification at the Duke University (USA) by graduating from the business administration studies with a master's degree.  D. Šulnis has extensive managerial and professional experience in the financial markets. Currently, D. Šulnis is a president of Invalda INVL AB, a director general of INVL Asset Management UAB, and a CEO of Invalda LT Investments UAB. He is a member of the Board of enterprises controlled by Invalda AB holding an office either of the chairmen of the board or of the supervisory council in some of these enterprises. 

Another new member of the Supervisory Council is Martynas Česnavičius who has also gained his economic education at Vilnius University. Currently, M. Česnavičius is a Chairman of the Board in such companies as Malsena plius UAB ans Baltic Mill AB, a member of the Board at Kitron ASA, Laisvas nepriklausomas kanalas UAB, Litagra UAB, AS Rigas Dzirnavnieks, Amber Trust II Management SA, Amber Trust Management SA, Atradimų studija UAB, and a member of the Board and director of D Investicijų Valdymas UAB. In several companies M.Česnavičius is employed as a counsellor.

This year the Management Board of Šiaulių Bankas has also started a new four-year tenure with its 7 previous members such as   Vita Adomaitytė, Ilona Baranauskienė, Jonas Bartkus, Algirdas Butkus, Donatas Savickas, Vytautas Sinius and Daiva Šorienė. Algirdas Butkus was elected to hold a position of the Chairman of the Management Board, Vytautas Sinius and Donatas Savickas - have been assigned as the Deputy Chairmen of the Board.