Turn your business ideas true with Šiaulių Bankas!


Have You got a business idea?  Eager to start Your own business ? Advice given by Šiaulių Bankas can be valuable for the smooth start of your business. 

In Šiaulių Bankas you can acquire a mobile signature  which is one of the safest e-signature instruments which allows customers to login to e- banking system and sign executed banking transactions and documents having legal power.  Having an e-signature you will be able to establish a company by electronic means which is at least 2 times cheaper and takes less time than using printed documents. In cooperation with the Centre of Registers Šiaulių Bankas provides a possibility to  the companies in the process of establishment to open  an accumulative account  and form authorized capital on-line - registration of a new company takes place on the self service site of the Centre or Registers.

Start-up companies that have been registered not less than 12 months ago, are offered to acquire a service package Gain Momentum with Šiaulių Bankas.  Those who are just starting their business will be able to handle the financial affairs at more favourable terms - the banking services for young businesses will be rendered free of charge for an entire year and the number of the transactions will be unlimited! This service package brings benefits to not only to heads of the start-up companies but also to their employees. More information is provided for in  the offer.

Choose the services that are important today and create the value of tomorrow! We have experience and all necessary financial instruments to facilitate the start of your business and to achieve the set goals. Services rendered by Šiaulių Bankas are an opportunity to handle your financial issues reasonably and efficiently!

Please call by tel. 1813 or visit the nearest customer service point of Šiaulių Bankas fro more information.