The winners of the second month of the „MasterCard“ payment card campaign have been figured out


More than 7000 clients have already taken advantage of the very attractive conditions of the "MasterCard" payment campaign launched Šiaulių bankas which has reached its halfway currently.

During the campaign, which is to last until 9 March 2014,  the Bank will award 48 winners of the monthly prizes while, after the campaign four participants of the campaign will receive the main prizes, i.e. laptops.

On 14 January 2014 (for the period between 11 December 2013 and 10 January 2014 (inclusive) 3 winners of the monthly prizes were selected randomly by computer in each region (Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Vilnius).  The following 12 clients of Šiaulių bankas have won the second-month prizes of the "MasterCard" campaign:

In Kaunas region:
Buzui Nerimantui, Kaunas;
Danielius Vytautas, Raseiniai;
Keblaičiui Virginijui, Vilkaviškis.

In Klaipėda region:
Lisauskienei Svetlanai, Klaipėda;
Daukintienei Onai, Klaipėda;
Bogdanovai Jekaterinai, Klaipėda.

In Šiauliai region:
Jablonskiui Rimantui, Radviliškis;
Petrukonienei Ingai, Šiauliai;
Šiurkutei Inetai, Šiauliai.

In Vilnius region:
Priachinai Vandai, Vilnius;
Balaišiui Algimantui, Rokiškis;
Minenkai Aliaksei, Vilnius.

We sincerely congratulate the winners of the „MasterCard“  payment card campaign!