The Variety of Investment Funds Disseminated by Šiaulių Bankas is Expanding – An Agreement with “SEB VB investicijų valdymas” has been signed


On November 8th, 2006 Šiaulių bankas AB and SEB bankas Group’s subsidiary “SEB investicijų valdymas” entered an agreement regarding dissemination of four investment funds’ units of the latter at the branches of Šiaulių bankas. It is already the third investment fund management company, the investment fund units of which will be disseminated by Šiaulių bankas. Earlier such types of agreements have been signed with “Finasta investicijų valdymas” UAB and “JT investicijų valdymas” UAB. Since now investors will have opportunity to invest into the publicly disseminated investment funds’ units managed by these nine subsidiaries in all 49 regional subdivisions of Šiaulių bankas located in 29 towns of Lithuania.
From the point of view of Donatas Savickas, the Head of the Finance and Credit Division of Šiaulių bankas AB, the bank that disseminates investment funds’ units managed by other companies is attractive to investors due to its impartiality and ability to provide information about activities of funds managed by various administrators and to help choosing the most suitable investment version. “Such type of activities is going to be continued in the future as well, the list of the disseminated funds is going to grow”, - said D. Savickas.

“We are pleased with the fact that there occur more places where investors have the ability to purchase our company’s investment funds’ units that become more and more popular”, - said Jonas Iržikevičius, the General Director of “SEB investicijų valdymas”.

The dissemination of investment funds’ units will be administrated by the Securities Trade Department under the Treasury Department.
For more information address:

Rimantas Januševičius
Director of the Securities Trade Department
of Šiaulių bankas AB
tel. + 370 41 595 654

Arvydas Žilinskas
Head of Mass Media Relations
of  SEB bankas Group
tel. .+ 370 52 681 198, .+ 370 687 04 052