The progress of Šiaulių bankas’ e-banking has been prized


The company “Metasite Business Solutions” after an independent research and assessment of the electronic banking development at the banks of the Baltic states has recognized Šiaulių bankas as one of the banks among Lithuanian ones making the most significant progress in this particular field.

In the report of the research (“Baltic E-banking Report”) it is indicated that in accordance with abilities of the Lithuanian banks to take advantage of e-channels attracting new clients and servicing the existing ones the biggest changes have been achieved by Šiaulių bankas this year - improving the results in all the categories it has risen from the 9th place to 7th.

The biggest and most comprehensive independent analysis of such a type the “Metasite Business Solutions” conducts annually. During the research the strong and week sides of the e-banking channels usage in the Baltic banks are analysed, the banks are inter-compared and the received data is compared to the previous year results.

This year for the sixth time already 39 banks from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have been assessed according to more than one thousand and a half criteria. The major attention has been paid to functionality, clarity and convenience of e- banking system as well as to reaction to the clients’ inquiries, i.e. how quickly and qualitatively the banks respond to the clients’ questions submitted via the Internet.

Positively evaluated e-banking services of Šiaulių bankas rapidly become more and more popular. Currently almost 75 per cent of the entire inter-bank order operations in Šiaulių bankas are performed using the bank’s Internet service system “SB linija”.