The new outlet of Šiaulių bankas in Vilnius


One more client service center of Šiaulių bankas AB has been opened this week in the supermarket “Pupa” in Vilnius.

Pilaitės client service center was established in the strategically convenient place - in the supermarket “Pupa” located in Pilaitės residential area, which makes it very handy for the inhabitants of Vilnius to settle their financial affairs either returning from work or going shopping.

The new client services center the same as each and every other outlet of Šiaulių bankas renders services to natural and legal entities. They are provided with the regular banking services such as settlement of utility bill, issue of payment cards, placement of deposits, currency exchange, etc. Four bank’s officers help to handle the clients’ financial operation there.

“New supermarkets in the capital city usually are established further from the city center in the residential areas, therefore we seek to make favourables conditions to the inhabitants of Vilnius to handle their financial affairs in this field as well. Close to home, several shops in one place together with the long working hours - these are the advantages of the bank’s outlets operating in supermarkets”, - says Vytautas Galvelė, Director of Vilniaus branch of Šiaulių bankas.

The outlet established in the supermarket “Pupa” on Priegliaus st. 1 services its clients without any day off from 10 am to 10 pm.

Other outlets of Šiaulių bankas in Vilnius: Verkių Str. 37, Fabijoniškių Str. 99, Gariūnų Str. 49, Laisvės Av. 125A, Pilies Str. 9/Skapo Str. 12, Sėlių Str. 29/Lokių Str. 2, Šeimyniškių Str. 1A and A. Mickevičiaus Str. 2.  Currently Šiaulių bankas is rendering its services in 32 towns of Lithuania.