The nation of travellers: almost every third Lithuanian will go abroad for holidays


To have a rest abroad and sightsee a foreign country - this is a goal being set by almost every third inhabitant  of Lithuania for the next twelve months. The population opinion survey showed that travelling and holidays are even more important than such household affairs as repair works at home, household appliances or car purchase.

The public opinion survey conducted at the request of Šiaulių Bankas aimed at identifying the population's financial plans for the next 12 months.  The study revealed that 29 % the country's inhabitants plan to have a rest abroad, 22 % indicated planning to the renovate their homes (repair works, purchase of household appliances or furniture) and more than tenth is (11 %) planning to buy a car.

"Summarizing the results of the survey, we can say that we are people who tend to know the world. For a large part, the impressions from the trips are even more important than household needs such as purchase of things, repair works at home or acquisition a car", - stated Daiva Šorienė,  Deputy CEO, Head of Marketing and Sales Division of Šiaulių Bankas.

According to the survey, holidays abroad as the most important priority have been highlighted by the younger population (18-35 years old). For comparison, there are fewer people between the middle-aged  and the elderly (over 46 years old) who are going for holidays to other countries, their priority is based on home refurbishment works.

According to D.Šorienė, the emerging tendency for holidays abroad is clearly reflected in the statistics of the bank's consumer credits as more and more clients of the bank purchase a trip using consumer finance products.

According to D.Šorienė, it is recommended to save for trips and entertainments by setting aside a fixed amount of savings each month. Thought, it is nor reasonable for this purpose to use savings intended for "the rainy day".

One may borrow for a trip only after a good assessment of his/her financial ability to repay the credit in time. Frequently, companies or airlines arranging trips offer short-term, "last minute" offers - in this case  a consumer credit or a credit card limit can be a smart solution  for a very affordable price to make  one’s dream come true and visit an exotic country.

Besides, when planning travelling costs, it is advisable to evaluate the full cost of the trip - flight tickets or hotel accommodation are only part of the travel costs, therefore you need to anticipate how much you will spend on catering, car rental, sightseeing, visas or souvenirs.

According to the specialist, it is wise to have a credit card whilst on the trip - you  will be able to pay for sales and services, as well as book an airline ticket, hotel room or book a car, and the credit limit will prevent troubles in the event of an unexpected money demand.