Būkite budrūs: plinta sukčių laiškai, neva pasirašyti Šiaulių banko. Juose prašoma paspausti nurodą ir apsaugoti savo paskyrą. Šiaulių bankas tokių laiškų nesiunčia. Jokiu būdu nespauskite laiškuose pateiktos nuorodos.

The list of e-trading partners is supplemented by new service and goods providers


Dear Clients,

Please be informed that since now you can pay for goods and service provided by   www.balticum.lt, www.traukiniobilietas.lt, www.b-a.eu, www.jonelisirko.lt easier and faster. It will take a few minutes using a modern way of settlement  Bank Link which facilitates  a process of payment in the electronic area when money for acquired good and services reach a service provide immediately after confirmation of an order.

Currently clients of Šiaulių Bankas can pay for goods and service rendered by almost 200 various service providers using a  Bank Link  service and can settle your bills with appr 2000 companies through the "Paysera" platform.