The Lightweight Christmas


Šiaulių bankas offers to save the precious Christmas time and to avoid the mass running through the shops searching for a present. On the occasion of the most beautiful holiday of the year the Bank provides you an opportunity to receive something that no one has received before – give a surprising present to your precious, beloved or respected person in a form of the Accumulative deposit with the Bank.

While being children you used to write letters to Santa Claus, now as you’ve grown up it is time to receive Christmas letters yourselves.

Put a light envelope weighting just 12 grams under the Christmas tree and this Accumulative deposit-present on behalf of your beloved or near and dear person will be more valuable than the biggest Santa Claus’s sack, because this deposit will keep on bringing presents every month and all year through. By the way, why not to surprise yourself? You may also place a deposit – present on your own behalf with Šiaulių bankas.

An agreement of the Accumulative deposit – present is made for the period from 4 to 12 months, the account may be supplemented with any amount during all the useful life of the agreement while interest calculation starts from the first day of the deposit agreement term, besides, interest is transferred into the Accumulative deposit account monthly, therefore next month it is calculated not only from the deposit amount, but from the previously transferred interest as well. The initial amount of the Accumulative deposit – present could be pretty small, i.e. one hundred litas or fifty euros. And the most important thing is that increased annual interest is paid during the campaign – depending on the term it may reach up to 4.2 per cent.

As every year on Christmas Šiaulių bankas provides exceptional conditions to those who want to place Time deposits. On request, it is possible to take interest from 6-12 month at once.

This year Christmas with Šiaulių bankas is extremely light!


So, why Christmas with Šiaulių bankas is extremely light?

Your answer is right, of course – Christmas in Šiaulių bankas is light because:

  • a small amount is sufficient to open a deposit account;
  • you do not have to waste time running through the shops searching for a present;
  • the Bank offers you an original idea for a present;
  • it makes you warm and light in the heart when you make a surprise  to a dear and near person giving him/her a good emotion;
  • this present with the Bank is materially valuable – a deposit is increasing every month due to the accrued interest;
  • you do not need o bother your intimate people with a question: what kind of present may I give to you?
  • besides, it will be much easier for Santa Clause to walk as he does not have to carry a heavy sack;
  • it is nice that Santa Clause will have some free time for a cup of coffee;
  • and one more big plus – Santa Clause’s back will not hurt from the heavy bondage;
  • and if to speak seriously – this a physically light present – an Accumulative deposit - that can be placed into an envelope and weights 12 grams only – will certainly make your life lighter and easier!

The Christmas campaign is going to last until January 14th 2007.

It is easy to find, light to carry, simple to give as a present and easy to astonish!