The former branches of Ūkio bankas shall be opened gradually, the provision of services shall be resumed gradually as well


According to the agreement among Šiaulių bankas, temporal administrator of Ūkio bankas and the State undertaking „Deposit and Investment Insurance“ signed on February 23, 2013 Šiaulių bankas shall take over a part of Ūkio bankas‘ assets and liabilities. 

Curently we are in the process of preoperational works (trnasfer of data, adjustment of the iT sustems, etc.) seeking to ensure the smooth servicing of the former Ūkio bankas‘ clients. We understand that the issue of disposing the funds with already closed bank is very topical to both the individual clients and business undertakings, therefore, we do our best to make this preoperational process very swift.

For the convenience of the customers we are planning to open the 25 former outlets of Ūkio bankas in the nearest future. The services shall start to be provided in the following Ūkio bankas outlets in the first place:
in Klaipėda - the former Naujakiemio CSC (Taikos pr. 101);
in Vilnius - the former Vilnius branch (Vilniaus str. 28 / Benediktinių str. 2);
in Ukmergė - the former Ukmergės branch (Kęstučio a. 7);
in Kaune - the former Kaunas branch (Laisvės al. 80 / Maironio str. 26) and the former Kalniečių CSC (Savanorių pr. 375);
in Alytus - the former Alytaus branch (Jotvingių str.7 A).

Also, in the nearest future the former Ūkio bankas‘ clients will be able returning to using the part of the banking services which will be rendered in 9 outlets of Šiaulių bankas which will be connected to the operational system used in Ūkio bankas:
in Utena - in Utena branch (Utenio a. 22);
in Rokiškis - in Rokiškio CSC (Vytauto str. 1);
in Visaginas - in Visagino CSC (Parko str. 7);
in Druskininkai - in Druskininkai branch (M.K. Čiurlionio str. 111);
in Plungė - in Plungės CSC (Telšių str. 1-2 A);
in Tauragė - inTauragės CSC (Vytauto str. 76);
in Šilutė - in Šilutė branch (Lietuvininkų str. 17);
in Šiauliai - in Šiauliai branch (Vilniaus str. 193) and in Centro CSC of Šiauliai branch (Vilniaus str. 167).

Those clients who used to handle their financial affairs in the former outlets of Ūkio bankas, which will not be re-opened by Šiaulių bankas, are invited to the outlets of Ūkio bankas which will be opened gradually or to the nearest outlets of Šiaulių bankas. The provision of the most essential financial services will also be re-established to the former clients of Ūkio bankas gradually.

The Ūkio bankas‘ liabilities to the customers which do not exceed the insurance premium due in the case of insurance event as foreseen by the Law on Insurance of Depsoits and Liabilties to Investors (100 000 euros or 345 280 litas) shall be transferred to Šiaulių bankas - these deposits are insured by the State, therefore, the deposits are completely safe and the inhabitants can stay calm. The former depositors of Ūkio bankas will not lose neither their deposits nor accrued interest, therefore, they do not have to do anything at the moment.

In the nearest future the former clients of Ūkio bankas will be able ti execute payments and perform other transactions via the Internet banking. Currently the former clients of Ūkio bankas can verify the movements and balances on their accounts and to follow the updated information on the electronic banking system „Eta bankas“.

After termination of the activity licence of Ūkio bankas the payment cards issued by Ūkio banks cannot be further been used, therefore, we invite the former Ūkio bankas‘ clients to visit the nearest or most convenient outlet of Šiaulių bankas and to order a payment card of Šiaulių bankas - this will allow to transfer the funds more smoothly and will accelerate the process of their disposal. Until March 12, 2013 all the private clients of Ūkio bankas will be able acquiring the payment cards „Visa Electron“ and „Maestro“ free of charge. After gaining the payment card of Šiaulių bankas the salary, various payments, allowances, etc. could be transferred there. The funds transferred into account with Šiaulių bankas could be used without any disturbances.

As soon as the provison of services in the outlets of Ūkio bankas taken over by Šiaulių bankas is re-established, the clients will be free to take advantage of the individual safe service and to dispose their valuables.

After termination of the activity licence of Ūkio bankas the former clients of Ūkio bankas (borrowers) have to keep fulfilling their liabilities - all the payments due to Ūkio bankas should be further transferred to the Ūkio bankas account No. LT457044060000000452 opened with SEB bankas (the bank‘s code 70440, SWIFT CBVILT2X).

The ordinary payments to Ūkio banko lizingas under the consumer credit, leasing and payment card with credit limit agreements can be paid to the accounts of Ūkio banko lizingas with the following banks:
Šiaulių bankas AB, LT64 7180 0000 2046 7006
Swedbank, AB LT78 7300 0100 3974 9931
SEB bankas AB, LT78 7044 0600 0510 1767
DnB bankas AB, LT92 4010 0425 0002 2600
Danske bank AB, LT26 7400 0161 2662 3810

The payments under the consumer credit and leasing agreements can be also paid in other places which collect the fees such as Lietuvos paštas (Lithuanian post), „PayPost“ departments, Lithuanian press kiosks, R-KIOSK stores, MAXIMA cash desks, terminals „Perlas".

We would like to pay your attention to the fact that all the services to the former Ūkio bankas‘ clients will start to be rendered gradually and , first of all, to the residents. We will provide addtional information regarding services to the citizens registered not in Lithuania and to the companies. Also, we would like to inform that the former clients of Ūkio bankas could not use the payment cards and cash remittance services.

In order to handle the financial affairs more conveniently we invite the former clients of Ūkio bankas (private and corporate ones) to address the outlets of Šiaulių bankas and to receive all required services.

Information about the resumption of services for former clients of Ūkio Bankas will be provided for clients and media in subsequent press releases. Also information will be provided on,, and client service lines Šiaulių Bankas ph. 1813 toll free line ph. 8 800 10 007 (calling from Lithuania) and ph. +370 37 395 532 (calling from abroad).