The first residents of multi-apartment buildings in Panevėžys used the funds from the housing renovation programme


Šiaulių bankas has signed the first agreement with the community of multi-apartment buildings of Panevėžys on Marijonų street regarding the loan in the amount of EUR 300 thousand from the European Investment Bank (EIB) using JESSICA financial instrument.

“While implementing JESSICA programme Šiaulių bankas is expecting that the residents of multi-apartment buildings will use the favorable conditions on receiving a loan as well as attractive interest rates on these loans and in this way will contribute to the increase of general energy efficiency of Lithuanian economy. The funds of loans are intended for residents wishing to renovate their apartments but who do not possess sufficient amount of money necessary for renovation, said Donatas Savickas”, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Šiaulių bankas.

Birutė Valkiūnienė, the chairman of the Board of community of 36 multi-apartment building, said that she welcomed not only the opportunity to reduce the heating expenses in apartments in the nearest future and increase the value of assets held by the community members, but also the detailed information and assistance provided by employees of Šiaulių bankas while handling of loan documents under the JESSICA programme.

The community of multi-apartment buildings of Panevėžys, the first which received the loan under the JESSICA programme, possesses two multi-apartment buildings built in 1958. The buildings have many exploitation problems, experience huge energy losses, therefore, the buildings are going to be renovated immediately and thoroughly. The buildings need a complex renovation: change of roofs, insulation of walls and basement as well as reconstruction of worn engineering constructions. By executing the renovation of buildings advanced technologies have been chosen: the community is reconstructing a heating system and is planning to isolate from the central heating network of the city, to build a separate gas-fired boiler room and fit solar panels for heating of hot water.

For the renovation of multi-apartment buildings under the JESSICA Šiaulių bankas will grant the loans for more than LTL 20 million (EUR 6 million). The loans are extended for the period of 20 years with a fixed interest rate of 3 per cent. The ones wishing to modernize the old multi-apartment buildings shall apply to the nearest outlets of Šiaulių bankas. Submitting the applications the investment plan of renovation of multi-apartment buildings shall be approved by the associations of owners of multi-apartment buildings and coordinated with the Housing and Urban Development Agency.