The employees of Šiaulių bankas have gifted a part of themselves


A blood donation day has been organized at Šiaulių bankas during which a couple of dozen of the bank’s employees, their family members, friends and relatives have donated their blood and thus provided such a vital aid to the sick.

he number of bank’s employees who were willing to participate in this blood donation campaign has increased by one third this year in comparison with previous year. A fair part of them has donated blood not for the first time. Telling the truth, the number of those willing to participate in this noble mission of free blood donation was much bigger, however, it has been decreased by too high or too low blood pressure, complaints or other objective reasons.

“We are really pleased that Šiaulių bankas is becoming a kind of mini blood donation centre and the arrival of our employees to the bank has already become traditional. Also, there is a second reason to be happy as well as we constantly find people willing to donate blood for the first time. We hope that starting now they will become active donors giving their blood regularly and thus contributing to the welfare of people’s health all over the country. A big amount of blood is constantly required to cure difficult patients and the lack of it is regularly felt by people with traumas”, - said Vanda Mažvilienė, a doctor of “Kraujo donorystės centras” UAB (“Blood donation center”).  The bank’s employees who had given blood for the first time received the donors’ certificates.

“When you are healthy then you cannot even image how priceless may become a few drops of blood. Someone feels pain, another is ill, somebody is suffering and you are able to help him or her. After all, the blood donation procedure is completely painless and, besides, your blood is tested which gives you the information regarding the status of your health. Could you think of anything more generous than donating a part of yourself to save somebody’s life”, - says the employee of Šiaulių bankas Indrė Samuilytė who is high mood after the blood donation.

Šiualių bankas is constantly encouraging people to be socially active citizens and to become unrequited blood donors. It the second time already when the “Kraujo donorystės centras” (“Blood donation center”) organizes a kind of the consulting-room for one day in the premises of Šiaulių bankas due to the initiative shown by the employees of Šiaulių bankas.

According to the doctors the researches as well a long-term experience evidence that constant blood donation do make a negative impact on the donors’ health. Actually, vice verse  - blood donation stimulates the function of medulla and strengthens the immunity.