The Easter campaign to Šiaulių bankas’ depositors


Starting March 17th this year Šiaulių bankas begins its Easter Deposit Campaign during which the clients are provided with the exclusive conditions while placing time deposits.

During the campaign the depositors may choose the interest payment time. Placing their deposits for six month or a longer period, the clients are able to receive the interest at once. However, if they decide to take interest at the end of the term, they shall be entitled to 0.2 per cent higher annual interest than it was valid on the deposit signing day. The campaign conditions are applied to both private and corporate customers entering into time deposit agreements or extending them (valid only in the event the client arrives directly to the bank).

Currently Šiaulių bankas pays 6.71 per cent of annual interest for one-year time deposits in litas, 5.90 per cent - in euros and 4.70 per cent - in US dollars.  During the campaign the depositors, placing time deposits in litas and deciding to withdraw the interest at the end of the term, will be able to increase the annual deposit interest up to 6.91 per cent.

Time deposit agreements might be signed in any branch of client service center of Šiaulių bankas, the number of which comprises 60 at the moment.

The Easter Deposit Campaign conditions are effective until April 17th 2008.