The depositors of Šiaulių bankas can win "The Chest of Golden Coins" before the biggest holidays of the year


Šiaulių bankas starts preparing the presents for its frugal clients before the biggest holidays of the year. On 14 October  the bank has launched the deposit campaign "Win the Chest of Golden Coins" which will last until 18 December 2013. The prize fund of the campaign  can reach  up to LTL 50 000.

The bank is going to accumulate the monetary fund from its own resources for more than two months and the fund is going to increase depending on the total amount of the deposits placed or extended over the campaign. The grand prize - the Chest of Golden Coins - will bring an amount of LTL 10 000 to the winner. The remaining amount of the prize fund will be shared among up to 200 lucky clients who will be granted additional prizes of the "Golden Sacks" with LTL 200 each.

"During this bustling period before Christmas we would like to remind that the Lithuanians  have always been known for their frugality and that frugality is a virtue, fostering which our bank's clients can receive awards, i.e. win the prizes of the campaign such as "The Chest of Golden Coins" or "Golden Sacks", - says  Daiva Grikšienė, Director of Marketing and Communication Department of Šiaulių bankas.

All the natural persons can participate in the campaign placing or extending their time deposits  in the bank's outlets or via the "SB linija, also, the persons whose time deposit agreement will be automatically extended on the "Eta bankas". The conditions of the campaign are applied to the time deposits placed  in litas or euro for 6 months or longer period.    

The grand prize and additional prize winners will be selected randomly by computer and published on the bank's website right before St. Christmas Day -  on 23 December 2013.

Šiauliu bankas says:  ,,We believe in frugal!“