The Customers of Šiaulių Bankas donate for good deeds in the Bank's units


In 2016, the customers have donated more than 1600 euros through the donations boxes placed in the customer service points of Šiaulių bankas. These funds will help implement social initiatives patronized by the public undertaking Goodwill Projects (VšĮ „Geros valios projektai“).

"There is no need to spend a lot of money and time to support those who need our help at most. Every euro or cent, which our customers leave in the donation box while handling their daily financial affairs, increases the total donated amount and  becomes a large and very valuable contribution  of the community to implementation of the social projects," - says Daiva Grikšienė, Director of Marketing and Communication Department of Šiaulių Bankas.

According to D. Grikšienė, the donation boxed placed cooperating with the GoodWill Projects foster not only cash contributions.  These boxes work as a reminder to the bank's visitors of the  opportunity to contribute to the good deeds on the portal – where, within their means, they can help the poor, people who are in trouble, are ill or belong to other socially vulnerable groups as well as animals and the environment.

"We are grateful to both Šiaulių Bankas for cooperation and all people of good will for their contributions used to improve the social situation in Lithuania. We are also pleased to admit that the bank provides us with the opportunity to do it all year round for a few years in a row not just over the recently ended period of holidays" - says Inga Langaitė, Founder and Director of the public undertaking Goodwill Projects 

Currently 50 social projects are being implemented through the portal , while since 2009 the undertaking accounts for 240 aids projects implemented over the entire period of its performance.  Almost 2 million euros have been collected for good deeds by the beginning of 2017.

The cooperation between Šiaulių Bankas and the public undertaking Goodwill Projects goes back to 2013 when the bank's customers have been provided with the possibility to transfer the donated amount to the projects in  through on-line banking system SB Linija.  Continuing cooperation in 2014 the donations boxes were placed in the customer service points of Šiaulių Bankas operating throughout Lithuania.