The contactless settlement threshold is up to 25 euros


From October 13, the contactless Šiaulių bankas payment card can be used to pay up to 25 euros without entering a PIN code.

The new limit will only be valid when paying with contactless card in Lithuania. In foreign countries it will be different: each country determines the contactless settlement limits according to their needs.

Contactless settlement is quick and easy, since you do not need to enter a PIN code of the card or look for cash in the wallet. What to do when paying by contactless card is always indicated on the card reader screen, just follow the instructions.

Contactless settlement is safe, since card data cannot be scanned unnoticed, and payment is only made when the card is no more than 1-4 cm away from the scanner. Contactless card cannot be charged twice for the same purchase. In addition, after making a certain number of settlements, you are asked to enter the PIN code, even if there is a small, contactless payment, which makes sure that the card is used by its owner.

All currently issued cards of Šiaulių bankas have a contactless settlement function. Since this year’s April, the bank has issued more than 25.5 thousand Mastercard debit and credit contactless cards, the amount of settlement using such cards has already exceeded 192 thousand euros.

Šiaulių bankas started offering the contactless settlements for customers half a year ago. Up to now, the settlement threshold was 10 euros.