The campaign Credit of Opportunities to respond Your needs has been launched


From 20/03/2017  Šiaulių Bankas invites  its customers to take advantage of an exclusive consumer financing option called the Credit of Opportunities which offers 3 different ways to borrow according to their specific needs. The package of the Credit of Opportunities includes such items as  a consumer credit  of Šiaulių bankas or  a consumer credit of SB Lizingas, a credit card with a credit limit  Mastercard Gold or payment card of SB Lizingas   as well as car leasing services provided by Šiaulių Bankas.

Consumer credit demand during the warm season increases and Lithuanian residents borrowing for consumer needs usually plan to refurbish their homes or to buy a vehicle. Šiaulių Bankas estimates that as much as 56 per cent of all consumer loans were issued for housing renovation or repair. 21.5 per cent of people borrowed for vehicles and equipment acquisition, 17.25 per cent for personal use. Less residents took credits for medical treatment or education expenses, travels or business and equipment financing.

“It is obvious that for the Lithuanians housing is one of the most important priorities, and customers tend to borrow for home repairs, furniture and household equipment acquisition. We note that for housing renewal residents start borrowing during the warm periods of the year: warmer weather intensifies repair and finishing works. The average credit for housing renovation last year amounted to 5300 euros, slightly growing annually,” said Daiva Šorienė, Šiaulių bankas Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Head of Business Development Division.

According to the Head, people applying for a credit are aware of its purpose however they do not always know differences among the consumer financing services. “Financial institutions offer many and varied consumer crediting facilities, it is often difficult to understand that different needs could be satisfied choosing an optimal financing solution. For example, it is not appropriate to buy high-value merchandise, furniture or technical equipment with the help of a credit card, and to take out consumer credit for everyday purchases,” said D. Šorienė.

In order to help the residents to choose the necessary facility and to borrow at the most appropriate conditions, Šiaulių Bankas has offered a service called the Credit of Opportunities.  A client simply has to know the purpose of borrowing and the bank’s consultant will propose him an optimum solution. For housing renovation, travel, medical expenses Šiaulių Bankas offers its customers the consumer credit. SB Lizingas consumer credit is the most suitable for smaller needs and purchases such as  furniture, household appliances, computer equipment. Car leasing is for purchasing of a new or used vehicle. For everyday purchases as well as entertaining or travelling we offer to order a credit card. You are welcome to contact Šiaulių Bankas and our professional officers will choose the most useful and acceptable way of borrowing according to your needs and possibilities.

To be advices on the best option of  the Credit of Opportunities,  please contact us by tel. 1813 (calling from abroad +370 37 301337),  via Internet at or visit  the nearest customer service point of Šiaulių Bankas.