The Branch of Šiaulių Bankas, located on Vilniaus str. 193 in Šiauliai, is in the process of refurbishment and temporarily not serving its private customers


Please be informed that from 22 May this year part of  Šiaulių Bankas branch (located on Tilžės g. 149/Vilniaus g. 193, Šiauliai) is closed for refurbishment  and temporarily is not serving its private customers.

“These refurbishments are part of a joint project to renovate the bank’s units. We strive to ensure that our customers are not only professionally serviced, but also feel welcome in the up-to-date units, ” says Skaidrė Mendelienė, Head of Šiauliai Region.

Refurbishment works are planned to over by 17 July this year.

Whereas,  our corporate clients will be serviced on the second floor on the branch.

As long as the repair works are in process, we would like to direct our private customers to other units operating in Šiauliai:

  • Centro customer service point  -  at the time of refurbishments will be operating without a lunch break  (Vilniaus str. 167, Šiauliai)
  • Saulės customer service point  (Tilžės str. 109, Šiauliai)
  • Tilžės customer service point  (Tilžės str. 225, Šiauliai)
  • Pramonės customer service point (Pramonės str. 15, Šiauliai)
  • Lieporių customer service point  (Krymo str. 28 D, Šiauliai)
  • Akropolio customer service point  (Aido str. 8, Šiauliai)
  • Rėkyvos customer service point (Energetikų str. 8, Šiauliai)

We apologize for the temporary inconvenience and look forward to meet You  in the renovated premises of Šiauliai branch.

Šiaulių Bankas