The bigger and more favourable saving opportunities to the pensioners


Since now the pensioners who receive their old-age pensions to Šiaulių bankas’ account or to Šiaulių bankas’ payment card account will be able taking the advantage of more favourable conditions, i.e. lower fees, higher time deposit interest and some other useful offers.

This is a particularly favourable time to the pensioners who have or intend to have an account with Šiaulių bankas or want to acquire a payment card. The bank issues Visa Electron and Maestro payment cards free of charge without the annual card servicing fee, which means the pensioners acquiring a payment card will not incur any expenses.

The clients can withdraw pensions that are transferred by SODRA in any outlet or ATM of Šiaulių bankas, and the bank will not apply any commission fee to such withdrawal. Moreover, the bank will not apply any administration fee to the pensions transferred to the client’s account.

“It is really worth having an account with Šiaulių bankas as, placing a time deposit, the pensioners receive by 0,15 per cent higher interest than interest applied to the time deposits at the Bank at that moment. After the maturity period of time deposit, the depositors are able withdrawing their funds from the account free of charge - without a commission fee”, - said Daiva Kiburienė, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Head of Corporate and Retail Banking Division of Šiaulių bankas AB.

The pensioners who have an account with Šiaulių bankas or a payment card will not have to pay not only for withdrawal of pensions and payment cards but also will be able saving while paying up the utility fees. Paying with the payment card of Šiaulių bankas or transferring the funds from the bank account, the utility fees and other payments will cost much cheaper - 0,70 LTL only.

All the mentioned conditions are applied to both  new and existing clients, whose old-age pensions are transferred into Šiaulių bankas’ account or to Šiaulių bankas’ payment card. Besides, Šiaulių bankas offers an exceptional service to the venerable-age clients, i.e. a free depositor’s book where all the operations performed at the bank are defined.

More detailed information regarding all the conditions is provided by the telephone +370 41 595 623, mobile +370 610 53 623, and  also is available in any outlet of Šiaulių bankas.