The bank's service fees are changing


Dear Clients,

We kindly inform You that Šiaulių bankas is changing the wording and fees of the certain banking services (submission of payment orders to other banks registered in Lithuania, placement of cash into a bank account with Šiaulių bankas, charge for purchase or sale of the foreign currency in banknotes, payment (withdrawal) of cash from debit payment cards in the customer service points of Šiaulių bankas. Some of the fees are effective since 5 May, others - since 1 July, 2014.

Šiaulių bankas offers its customers a wide range of services at very favourable terms. The customers having a bank account with Šiaulių bankas can place their cash there free of charge and take advantage of other services at more favourable fees in comparison to those customer who do not have accounts with Šiaulių bankas : a  transfer of funds into other customer's account executed in the customer service point will cost only LTL 2, while the utilities bills and other payments can be settled for a commission fee of LTL 0.70.

Those customers who have access to the Internet can handle their financial affairs cheaper and faster as the utility bills can be settle through the Internet banking system "SB linija" free of charge, transfers within own accounts with the bank are also executed free of cahrge, while the transfer of funds to the other customer's account with the bank shall cost only LTL 0.80 (e.g., you can settle payments to the STI, Sodra, and pay for various services and goods, etc.)

The Bank's customers can also take advantage of a favourable fee applied to cash withdrawal from a bank account, moreover, no commission fee shall be applied to withdrawal of funds to private customers who shall place a time deposit for 31 day or longer period and not terminate it prior to maturity.

The updated wordings of services, fees and exact dates of their amendments are available here.