The Banker ranks Šiaulių Bankas among the regional leaders


International magazine The Banker issued by The Financial Times announced ranking of the Top 100 of the  Central and Eastern Europe Banks where Šiaulių Bankas stands out among the regional leaders.

According to The Banker rating, based on the banks’ information for the year 2016, Šiaulių Bankas ranked first in terms of the return on capital - the bank's return on capital comprised 32.95 per cent.

According this rating Šiaulių Bankas ranked third in terms of return on assets (2.7 per cent), the fourth in terms of Tier I capital growth (26.05 per cent) and the seventh in terms of cost / income ratio (34.2 per cent).

The TOP 100 included even 18 banks from Poland, 12 from Bulgaria, 11 from the Czech Republic and Romania. Lithuania was represented by four banks. The Banker announced the Polish banks - PKO Bank Polski and Bank Pekao - as largest according to the Tier I capital.

The Banker recognized Šiaulių Bankas as The Best Bank in Lithuania in 2013, 2015 and 2016. The Banker is the world's premier banking and finance resource belonging to the Financial Times Group that has been providing global financial intelligence since 1926.