The bank’s service fees are changing


Dear Clients,

Since 8 April, 2014 a bank account opening fee for the bank's new private customers non-residents shall change, i.e. the citizens of EU member states will have to pay LTL 50 and the citizens outside the EU - LTL 100 for this service.

Since 7 May an issue of a cheque book to corporate cusotmers shall cost LTL 18. Since the mentioned date an account administration fee for the corporate customers non-residents  shall also change , i.e. it will be comprise LTL 1.30 per month,  while the private customers (both residents and non-residents) will have to pay LTL 1 per month for administration of account since 7 June.

For the convenience of customers the bank shall not issue the initial password envelope for connection to "SB linija" since 8 April as the password will be already included into the "SB linija" agreement.

Wishing to get familiar with the service fees applicable in the bank, please visit the rubrics Fees for private customers and Fees for corporate customer.


Šiaulių bankas AB