The annual interest rates are changing


Since 5 December 2013 Šiaulių bankas changes the annual interest rates of the time deposits, time deposits with the variable interest rate, accumulative deposits and Child deposits.

Those, who choose the most popular type of a deposit with the bank, i.e. a time deposit in litas and euros placed for the period of 12 months when interest is paid at the end of maturity, will receive 1.5 per cent of the annual interest from Šiaulių bankas .

Placing time deposits in litas and euros for the longer period, the bank pays 2 per cent of the annual interest and 1.8 per cent if such deposit is placed in USA dollars.

Those, who save in the Great Britain's sterling pounds, Norwegian krones or Swiss francs, will receive 0.9 per cent of annual interest for a one-year deposit. We would like to pay your attention that since now the clients preferring to save in the Great Britain's sterling pounds can conclude a time deposit agreement for the longer period, i.e. up to 5 years.

We kindly remind you that placing time deposits via the Internet for the period of 6 month or longer and choosing to receive interest at the end of maturity, you will receive 0.1 per cent higher interest than standard annual interest rate. Choosing to receive interest on monthly basis, the interest rate for the deposits will be by 0.1 per cent lower both in the bank's outlets and vis the SB linija.

The exact time deposit interest can be calculated using a time deposit interest calculator entering a deposit amount, period and chosen currency.