Terms applied to Gold cardholders’ insurance agreement are changing


Terms applied to Gold cardholders’ insurance during their journey abroad have changed. Since now all the insurance terms an d privileges shall be provided every cardholder of  “Visa Gold” and “MasterCard Gold” issued by Šiaulių bankas. It will not be necessary to pay for the ticket using theses credits cards or to gain an additional insurance in the insurance agency.

Insurance against medical ad legal expenses as well as baggage loss or delay, money loss, delay of journey, change of documents and hijacking is valid in all the countries of the world except Lithuania.

The above-mentioned list of the insurance services has been supplemented by the insurance against “Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation Services”. Moreover, 16 year old and younger children who travel together with “Gold” and “MasterCard Gold” cardholders are insured against accidents whilst on a journey abroad.

“Visa Gold” and “MasterCard Gold” payment cards possess even more benefits. The account of the main payment card might be granted a credit limit up to LTL 30 000 (or its equivalent in other currency). Three types of credit limit - renewable, permanent and interest-free - are provided during the useful life of the card. The clients possessing Gold credit cards are entitled to various discount to products and services all over Lithuania. All they have is to show a payment card issued by Šiaulių bankas or to pay with it and they will be granted with the discounts from 3% to 10% provided by various companies. The mentioned discounts are applied to other cards belonging to “Visa” and “MasterCard”.
“Visa Gold” and “MasterCard Gold” payment cards may be acquired in any outlet of Šiaulių bankas by submitting a document probing personal identification and filling an application form.