Supplemented General Conditions for the Use of Payment Cards and Revised Rates of Some Services


General Payment Card Usage Conditions

Please be informed that from the 3rd of April revised General Conditions for the Use of Payment Cardscome into effect in Šiaulių bankas AB. They have been supplemented with contactless card usage and related transaction descriptions, which can easily be found in paragraphs 1.2, 2.4.2, 3.3, 3.6.3 of the conditions:

General Conditions for the Use of Payment Cards (PDF)

For the clients who have entered into payment card contract before 28 February 2017, revised conditions apply from the 1st of May.

Earlier and new versions of the conditions can be found on under Important Information and Documents and in Šiaulių bankas branches.

Revised Rates of Some Services

Please be informed that in order to make the rates better understandable for the clients, formulations of bank account, transfer, cash transaction, service plan for corporate clients and payment card rates were revised and come into effect on the 3rd of April.

Revised rates for the following services come into effect as well:

  • On the 3rd of May: the rate of payment card for corporate clients cash withdrawal in the bank branches (0.8 per cent from the amount of cash withdrawal (min EUR 1.00);
  • On the 1st of June: payment card currency conversion rate (2 per cent from converted amount).

Šiaulių bankas’ service rate changes (PDF)

Also please be reminded that on the 1st of April revised rates of bank account management for corporate clients and payment accepting and documental settlement and guarantees for private and corporate customers come into effect. From the 18th of April, cheque services will no longer be provided, all cheque service rates lose power.

These changes are published on under Service Fees  and in Šiaulių bankas branches.

If the customer agrees to the changes of service rates and general payment card usage conditions, he/she does not need to take any action. If the client does not agree with them, he/she has the right  immediately and without paying any commission, to terminate the bank account or payment card issuance contract, as governed by the Šiaulių bankas‘ service provision general rules, before entry into force of the changes, by notifying Šiaulių bankas in writing.

Please note that bank account or payment card issuing contract termination does not relieve the customer from due execution of all his/her obligations to Šiaulių bankas arising prior to the date of termination. It is considered that the client has agreed to such changes, if before entry into force of such changes he/she does not inform Šiaulių bankas that he/she disagrees with them.