Successfully meeting the Euro Šiaulių bankas continues its usual operation


Preparation to the Euro adoption in Šiaulių bankas took almost a year and was successfully completed on the first day of 2015.  Today, 2 January, all the banking services are rendered in the usual manner in all customer service points of Šiaulių bankas and via the Internet.

As we have planned and informed our customers during the recent days the provision of Šiaulių bankas' services has been carried out according to the plan. Due to the introduction of a new currency the  bank information system of the network has been updated  which resulted in a smooth withdrawal of  funds from the joint  ATM network  -  a few minutes after the midnight on 1 January  the customers were already  able to withdraw euro cash. The settlement for goods and services using the payment cards has been running without any disturbances as well.

The customer services points operating on the first day of the New Year provided services starting at noon and the services were rendered under  a restricted' regime. However today, i.e. on 2 January, Šiaulių bankas' customers can perform all the banking operations in the banks' customer service points, via the Internet and using the apps.

We kindly remind that currently you can withdraw euro cash in denominations of 10 and 50 euros - it is planned that ATM will be filled with euro banknotes of other denominations next week already. Issue of  a 10 euro banknote does not always work out due to a new structure of the banknote (it is fairly slick) - if it happens, repeat the operation, please. 

If you have any questions we kindly recommend you to contact the Client Service Centre of by tel.  1813. Today the Client Service Centre shall provide information at their usually business hours - between 8.00 am to 06.00 pm.

On Saturday, 3 January, the bigger number of Šiaulių bankas’ customer service points than usually at weekends will be providing services.