Subsidiary companies of the bank are sorting out areas of their activities


Ūkio Banko Lizingas UAB owned by Šiaulių Bankas changes its corporate name into SB Lizingas UAB. After changing the corporate name the company will continue providing consumer leasing services. Other subsidiary company of the bank - Šiaulių Banko Lizingas UAB - will continue rendering leasing services focused on business funding and vehicle leasing.

A new corporate name of Ūkio Banko Lizingas  - SB Lizingas - will come into force from the day of registration of the company's Charter in the  the Registry of Legal Entities of Lithuania. The provisions of the Charter related to the corporate name are amended in line with the consistent formation of the strategy and structure of Šiaulių Bankas Group.  Immediately after this, the company will publicly present the changes related to re-branding and its business plans.

Though the company's corporate name changes, the conditions of settlement applied to the company's clients will remain the same, all concluded agreements will stay effective and all services will be rendered in the usual manner. The address, legal status, legal entity's code, account number, registry where data are collected and stored, VAT payer's code as well as other requisites of SB Lizingas UAB will not change. We kindly remind you that head office of this company is located in Kaunas and three representative offices are operating in Vilnius, Klaipėda, Šiauliai.  Currently the company employs 47 employees.

Another subsidiary company of Šiaulių Bankas - Šiaulių Banko Lizingas UAB will continue providing leasing services focusing on provision of funding for acquisition of the special machinery and other property, also, it will offer financial solutions to corporate customers.  There are 45 employees at Šiaulių Banko Lizingas and its representative offices are operating in 4 biggest cities of the country.