Some of the bank's service fees are changing


Dear Clients,

Please be informed that a wording as well as fees of some bank's  services (payments in litas, charges , cheques) shall be changed since 01 November 2014.

A unified fee of LTL 7  shall be applied to submission of  both ordinary and urgent payment order in litas to other banks registered in Lithuania  when a client does not have an account with the bank ( before 1 November an ordinary one is charged LTL 6 an urgent one - LTL 8).

Payment orders in litas   executed by those who have a bank account with Šiaulių bankas shall be charged almost 50 per cent less, therefore the clients are welcomed  to open a bank account conveniently and free of charge and to take advantage of it performing various payments and transfers cheaper. 

Since 1 November fees applicable to collection of payments to the service providers (utility bills and others) shall be unified.  We would like to pay your attention that the customers of Šiaulių bankas will be able to settle their utility bills and to pay for other services free of charge using a convenient direct debit service.  Since the above mentioned date a structure of fees applicable to cheques as well as fees applicable to  nominal cheques and purchase of travelling cheques.

After making those few small changes the conditions of services provided to individual and corporate customers of Šiaulių bankas still remain one of the most favourable among other institutions rendering financial services.

Payments in litas

Submission of payment orders:

To corporate customers

To private customers

1.4.  to other banks registered in Lithuania when the customer has no  account with Šiaulių bankas:


LTL 7 

(EUR 2.03)


Collection of payments to the service provides if the agreements with the service provides do not foresee otherwise*:

To  Corporate customers / Private customers


2.1. settlement for payments in cash


(EUR 0.71)

2.2 settlement for payments from the payer's account with Šiaulių bankas


(EUR 0.20)

2.3. settlement for payments using SB linija


(EUR 0.14 )

*If other fees are specified agreements with the payment beneficiaries , smaller fees than specified  as the payment administration fees can be applied to the payers.  if a general payment book is provided where several services are specified on one page of such settlement book.


To  Corporate customers / Private customers

1. Cheques in foreign currency


    1.1.  Cheque collection:


           1.1.1. nominal cheques

1 % (min LTL 25, max LTL 300)

(1 % (min EUR 7.24, max EUR 86.89))

           1.1.2. pension cheques

LTL 5 (EUR 1,45)

    1.2. return of unused cheques

LTL 10 + fees of correspondent banks

(2.90 + fees of correspondent banks)

2. Cheques in litas


    2.1. Cheque collection

LTL 10 (EUR 2,90)

3. Cheque issue

0,8% (min LTL 10, max LTL 100)

(0.8% (min EUR2.90, max UER 28.96))

    3.1. return of unused cheques

LTL 20 (EUR 5,79)

4. Purchase of travelling cheques

1,5% (min. LTL 15)

(1,5% (min. EUR 4.34))