Since March 6 Šiaulių bankas resumes the provision of services in 7 more outlets of Ūkio bankas


Since March 6 Šiaulių bankas resumes the provision of services to  the former clients of Ūkio bankas in 7 more outlets located in Jurbarkas, Kretinga, Gargždai, Panevėžys, Vilnius and Kaunas. Also, 10 outlets of Šiaulių bankas are additionally equipped with the special working places to service these clients.

We kindly remind that one day earlier, i.e. on March 5, after the longer period the former clients of Ūkio bankas have started receiving banking services in 6 outlets of the former Ūkio bankas and in 9 outlets of Šiaulių bankas where the operational system of Ūkio bankas has been updated. During the period of several days the services to the former Ūkio bankas clients are being rendered in 32 outlets throughout Lithuania.

 „As we‘ve expected yesterday the outlets of the former Ūkio bankas  and Šiaulių bankas were visited by the higher number of the clients than usually, however, we are ready to the bigger flow of people - we did our best to service the bank‘s visitors as rapidly as possible, treated people who were waiting in queues with tea and resumed the provision of services through „Eta bankas“, - says the CEO of Šiaulių bankas Audrius Žiugžda.

According to A.Žiugžda wishing to handle their finances smoothly the former clients of Ūkio bankas could submit the application and transfer the balances of funds from the accounts with Ūkio bankas to the newly opened account or already existing account with Šiaulių bankas - this service is provided to all the clients free of charge. The application to transfer  the funds from Ūkio bankas to Šiaulių bankas can be filled via the internet. The former clients of Ūkio bankas not entitled to such possibility can submit the application visiting the nearest outlet of Šiaulių bankas.

Šiaulių bankas repeatedly reminds that former Ūkio bankas clients do not have to hurry to the bank and stand in queues. They can be calm about their savings as until the end of the deposit agreement maturity they shall be entitled to the same conditions and interest which have been set by Ūkio bankas.

Šiaulių bankas informs that since March 6 the clients are able taking advantage of the bigger range of services - since that day the domestic an international payments can be executed not only in litas and euros but also in other currencies on their accounts (expect the currency exchange transactions) - the provision of this services is resumed both via the Internet and in the bank‘s outlets.

Arriving to the bank‘s outlets the clients can handle their deposit accounts, execute payments to the banks registered in Lithuania and abroad, place or withdraw cash - the cash transactions are temporary subject to LTL 20 thou limit per day.

The former Ūkio bankas‘ clients who use the internet banking service are restricted by the limits per day. Using „Eta bankas“ the clients are able to execute payments  (expect the currency exchange transactions) to Lithuanian and foreign banks , settle the utility bills, pay for services and use the current and deposit accounts. The financial affairs via the Internet can be conveniently handled by the private and corporate customers.

The persons having loans with Ūkio bankas can fulfil their liabilities under the schedules and pay the loan instalments to cover their liabilities to the same accounts opened with Ūkio bankas prior to the announcement of moratorium.

If after connecting to „Eta bankas“ the client is not able seeing his accounts, it means that he and his liabilities (or a part of his deposits and liabilities) remained with Ūkio bankas - such clients are asked to address Ūkio bankas administrated by the temporary administrator, to which the non-insured deposits and the assets remaining with Ūkio bankas have been assigned - please, contact at +370 800 60300 or by e-mail .

Private and corporate customers that took advantage of the individual safe service are able further using this service in the former outlets of Ūkio bankas which are re-opened by Ūkio bankas. With regard to disposal of property kept in the individual safes in the outlets where Šiaulių bankas does not resume provision of banking services, the clients should address the temporary administrator of Ūkio bankas.

It is planned that 25 outlets of former Ūkio bankas, where Šiaulių bankas shall resume provision of services, are going to be opened this week already. Currently the former Ūkio bankas clients can handle their fiancial affairs the the following outlet of former Ūkio bankas :


Former outlet of  Ūkio bankas



Alytaus filialas

Jotvingių str.7 A


Gargždų KAS

Klaipėdos str.6


Jurbarko filialas

Dariaus ir Girėno str. 37


Kauno filialas

Laisvės al. 80 / Maironio g. 26

Kalniečių KAS

Savanorių pr. 375

Šilainių KAS

Kuršių str.1

Girstučio KAS

Kovo 11 str. 22


Naujakiemio KAS

Taikos pr. 101


Kretingos KAS

Rotušės a.7


Žaros KAS

Dariaus ir Girėno str. 2


Ukmergės filialas

Kęstučio a. 7


Vilniaus filialas

Vilniaus str. 28 / Benediktinių str. 2

Naujamiesčio KAS

T.Ševčenkos str.16

The mentioned services to the former clients of Ūkio bankas will also be rendered in the following outlets of Šiaulių bankas:


Outlet of Šiaulių bankas



Druskininkų filialas

M. K. Čiurlionio str. 111


Rotušės KAS

Rotušės a. 1


Akropolio KAS

Taikos pr. 61

Žardės KAS

Taikos pr. 119


Mažeikių filialas

Laižuvos str. 14


Palangos filialas

Elektros str. 6


Plungės KAS

Telšių str. 1-2 A


Radviliškio filialas

Aušros a. 1


Rokiškio KAS

Vytauto str. 1


Šiaulių filialas

Vilniaus str. 193

Centro KAS

Vilniaus str. 167


Šilutės filialas

Lietuvininkų str. 17


Tauragės KAS

Vytauto str. 76


Telšių KAS

Respublikos str. 6A


Utenos filiale

Utenio a. 22


Vilkaviškio KAS

J.Basanavičiaus a. 3


Visagino KAS

Parko str. 7


Šeimyniškių KAS

Šeimyniškių str. 1A

Sėlių KAS

Sėlių str. 29/Lokių str. 2

The detailed information to the former Ūkio bankas‘ clients is available on Šiaulių bankas website (on the special section „Important Information to the Former Ūkio bankas’ Clients) and by telephones: 1813, 8 800 10 007 (calling from Lithuania) and ph. +370 37 395 532 (calling from abroad).