Since July 15, 2013 a new few shall come in force


Šiaulių bankas took over the insured liabilities to the depositors from Ūkio bankas specified in the Agreement on Transfer of the Part of Ūkio bankas’ Assets and Liabilities dated 23 February 2013 which used to exist on the insurance event day.

Seeking to ensure the continuity of provision of the banking services rendered to the clients of Ūkio bankas as well as appropriate quality of administration of the mentioned deposits taken over from Ūkio bankas and following the clause 1.9. of the general rules of client servicing and provision of services of Šiaulių bankas AB we kindly inform regarding the changes in Typical fees - since July 15, 2013 an Annual deposit administration fee shall come into force.

The new fee shall be applied to the deposits taken over from Ūkio bankas the maturity of which exceeds the period of five years. We would like to admit that Šiaulių bankas does not have a time deposit the maturity of which would exceed five years, therefore, seeking to ensure the high quality servicing of such deposits taken over from Ūkio bankas Šiaulių bankas inevitably has to make certain additional investments which would consequently be compensated by the mentioned annual deposit servicing fee.
Please, be informed that any other time deposits shall not be subject to the above mentioned fee.