Since 01 January 2016 a direct debit service will be changed by a convenient electronic invoice service


Since 01 January 2016 after Lithuania joins a Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA), provision of the current direct debit service will be terminated. Instead of it Šiaulių Bankas will offer an electronic invoice service (e-invoice) to its customers which would enable them to manage their account simply and easily.

"A currently used direct debit service does not correspond to the SEPA requirements, therefore its provision will be stopped since 2016. However, we are going to offer another convenient option to our customers for settlement of their bills, i.e. an electronic invoice service.  By means of this service the clients will be able to settle their utility bills and to pay for telecommunications and other services clicking a single button and choosing an automatic transfer" - commented on the benefits of the new service Daiva Kiburienė, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Šiaulių Bankas, Head of Business Development Division.

Those clients that are already taking advantage of the direct debit service are not required to make any additional  action before the e-invoice service is launched or during its provision - currently existing debit agreements will be automatically changed to e-invoice agreements with automatic payment proceeding. Connecting to SB Linija the clients will be able to review all the e-invoices provided by the service providers, to select the most appropriate way of payment and to set automatic payments terms according to their preference.

Those who would like to order an e-bill service can either address a service provider (i.e. a company for services rendered by which a client wishes to pay by the new means) directly or via SB Linija or in the bank's units.

Besides, the new service can be order by those clients that are not using the Internet banking SB Linija. In any customer service point of Šiaulių Bankas you will be able to order e-invoices, to print the received ones and to conclude automatic e-bill payment agreements.