Šiaulių bankas: we continue operating smoothly


The resolution to restrict the economic activities of Ūkio bankas temporarily and to assign the temporal administrator passed by the Bank of Lithuania is not related to Šiaulių bankas and will not affect the performance of bank and its group.

Šiaulių bankas owned by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Lithuanian investors continues operating stably, fulfills its liabilities to the customers, is profitable and safe. The key principles that guide Šiaulių bankas and every employee are honesty , responsibility, and respect to its customers.

Šiaulių bankas meets all the prudential requirements set by the Bank of Lithuania and duly follows the laws and legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania. The ongoing involvement of the bank’s major shareholder EBRD in the bank’s processes allows ensuring the high level of the performance transparency.

Šiaulių bankas responsibly certifies that the changes in Ūkio bankas will not cause any inconvenience to Šiaulių bankas’ clients - all bank’s offices are operating in the usual manner, the bank’s transactions are executed without any constraints, the financial services and payments are carried out without any disturbance. All the bank customers can freely dispose their funds as well as deposits.

For any questions, Šiaulių bankas’ clients can always contact the customer service at 1813