Siauliu bankas: we are transparent, open, and honest


The events related to the bank „Snoras“ have caused our residents’ anxiety. Šiauliu bankas responsibly claims that activities of the Bank are not related to the mentioned events in any way - the Bank is further operating stably and reliably.

The major shareholder of Siauliu bankas is a solid international financial institution - the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the constant participation of which in the Bank’s processes ensures the high transparency of the activities. Besides, the operations of Siauliu bankas are constantly inspected, monitored and audited by the Bank of Lithuania and other bodies of authority, the Bank publishes the information regarding its operational result and financial status on regular basis.

Siauliu bankas cherishes its relationships with clients, and respects their trust. The Bank ensures that its payment systems are functioning reliably, settlements are executed without any disorders, the Bank’s branches and client service centres are operating smoothly.

Quite a number of new customers are coming to the Bank to open their accounts, receive salaries and pensions. We do our best servicing, answering questions as clearly as possible and expeditiouslyrendering services to both existing and new clients, thus, assisting in quick handling of their financial affairs.

In case of any queries the inhabitants or business representatives are welcome to contact the employees of Siaulių bankas  who will be pleased to provide explanations to any questions.