Šiaulių bankas was awarded for the promotion of Šiauliai city


Šiauliai Industrialists’ Association, on a yearly basis, awarded successfully operating companies during the reporting meeting. Šiaulių bankas was awarded with the Diploma of Honour for the “The Promotion of Šiauliai City ”.

“It is gratifying that we are important to each other, see each other and are able to rejoice each other’s achievements. Nomination “The Promotion of Šiauliai City” is very important to us, because here, in Šiauliai city, Šiaulių bankas, the Lithuanian bank, was developed. By establishing new outlets in other towns and cities Šiaulių bankas contributes to the business development of the whole Lithuania. We are glad that our activity and efforts are important to Šiauliai city and to Lithuania”, says Audrius Žiugžda, Chief Executive Officer of Šiaulių bankas.

During the event which took place in the Šiauliai Aušros Museum, Ch Frenkelis Villa 9 nominations for the following different achievements were awarded: for the project-based activities, fast-growing business volumes, export, implementation of new technologies and etc. Heads of association stated that preparing awards 2011 “The Successfully Operating Company” at first instance they wished to thank and show attention to its members. Šiauliai Industrialists’ Association unites 73 companies.

Šiaulių bankas expanded its network to 52 territorial outlets operating in 31 towns and cities of the country.