Šiaulių bankas – the fastest growing bank in the Baltic states


An international banking publication “The Banker” submitted a high rating of Šiaulių bankas, having announced the Top 50 fastest growing banks’ listing of Central and Eastern Europe. Šiaulių bankas takes 19th place, the highest from all banks in the Baltic states mentioned in the listing. There are 2 banks from Lithuania, 4 banks from Latvia and 1 bank from Estonia, which are in the Top 50.

Šiaulių bankas has been growing fast over the last 4 years. The Bank’s assets and net profit, over the last 4 years, have increased by 3.5 times.

“We strengthen constantly the capital base and expand client service network. While focus is on small and medium-sized businesses and servicing individual customers, we search for nonstandard decisions of the bank and its subsidiaries to integrate their services. We hope not to lose achieved pace of expansion”, the Chairman of the Bank Board Algirdas Butkus claims, commenting on the information published by “The Banker”.