Šiaulių bankas starts dissemination of a new share issue of LTL 40 million


Seeking to implement the development plans Šiaulių bankas increases its capital base and starts disseminating a new share issue amounting in LTL 40 million which is the second one this year and after registration of which the bank’s authorized capital will reach LTL 161 million.

The dissemination of the ordinary registered shares amounting in LTL 40 million will be started on 18th July 2007. The new shares will be available only to the bank’s shareholders in proportion to the number of shares owned on the Shareholders’ Meeting Day, i.e. on 29th of March 2007.

A par value per share is LTL 1. An issue price per share is LTL 2.3. A period assigned for share subscription and settlement consists of 32 business days commencing from the start of this share dissemination.

The share dissemination will be performed in two stages, each of them is to last for 15 business days. During the stage I - from 18-07-2007 to 07-08-2007 - the shareholders of Šiaulių bankas exercising the right of preemption will have an opportunity to acquire the number of shares owned on the Meeting day (36.68 per cent). During the stage II - from 08-08-2007 to 29-08-2007 - the dissemination of the rest of the shares will be performed according to the applications taking into consideration to the number of shares owned on 29th of March 2007 as well. The shares of Šiaulių bankas will be disseminated in the Bank’s Head Office and its territorial outlets.