Šiaulių bankas started granting the preferential loans to students


Since today, i.e. October 17, 2013 the students can address Šiaulių bankas and sign the agreements regarding state supported preferential loans. The students will be able to sign these agreements until  14 November , 2013 (inclusive).

This autumn Šiaulių bankas grants state supported credits to cover the study price, living expenses and to pay for the partial studies abroad.

The students can find out if they are subject to the preferential loan by connecting to their survey on the website of the State Studies Foundation at http://www.vsf.lt/.

We invite the students who are subject to the state supported credits to visit the nearest or most convenient client service branch of Šiaulių bankas and to sign an agreement - the bank operates through 76 outlets in 37 towns.  We kindly remind that in order to sign the agreement the student must have a document proving the personal identity.  The students will be able to discuss the details of the loan granting conditions with the bank's employees in the client service branches.