Šiaulių bankas started disseminating units of four more investment funds


Since now Šiaulių bankas’ clients can invest into four more funds: “DnB NORD Equity fund of funds”, “DnB NORD bond fund” and “DnB NORD money market fund” and “Prudentis Baltic Fund”.

The units of DnB Investicijų valdymas and “Prudentis” UAB, the dissemination of which has been newly started by Šiaulų bankas, may be acquired in all regional outlets of the bank and in the Securities Trading Department under the Treasury Department. The clients who decide to take advantage of the modern forms of saving have an opportunity to make their own choice regarding the most acceptable investment model and allocation of funds, the mostly tolerated risk level as well as the investment period and region.
At the moment habitants, looking for the long-term investment patterns, may acquire units of seventeen investment funds at Šiaulių bankas that belong to five investment management companies in Lithuania and abroad.

The Head of credit and finance Division Donatas Savickas states that successful dissemination of the nvestment funds’ units at Šiaulių bankas is mainly caused by two reasons - the bank has not established its own investment fund management company, therefore it does not set preferences to any particular funds and, besides, Šiaulių bankas has a wide network of regional outlets, i.e. 50 subdivisions all over Lithuania.

Earlier Šiaulių bankas has entered into the agreements regarding dissemination of investment funds’ units with “Finasta investicijų valdymas” UAB (Finasta Investment Management), “JT investicijų valdymas” UAB (JT Investment Management),, “SEB VB investicijų valdymas” (SEB VB Investment Management) and “East Capital Asset Management” incorporated in Sweden.