Šiaulių bankas shall provide funding to construction of the Swedish company's factory in Šiauliai


Šiaulių bankas granted a credit of LTL 17.8 million to the company  ROL/STATGA (that belongs to Swedish ROL group) which is the leader of the Baltic metal pipe processing services market for the construction of a new factory in Šiauliai. On October 18 an event of the factory's capsule trenching and corner-stone placement took place.

"Contributing to the financing of the project, we contribute to the business development of the entire country, and at the same time, provide the new opportunities to the region. The inhabitants of Šiauliai have been working hand in hand in this project and I believe that the construction project managers, designers, constructors and financial partners will continue working as one strong fist in the future as well. We can do huge work together such as build a modern factory of 12400 square meters", - said Deputy CEO, Head of Šiauliai region of Šiaulių bankas Daiva Kiburienė participating in the event of symbolic capsule trenching.

"The fact that today we have trenched the symbolic capsule into the foundation of the future factory is a big event to us as to the residents of Šiauliai as well as to the representatives of the Lithuanian economy as it indicates trust of Swedish business people in Lithuania economy and in qualification of our employees, - said General Manager of ROL/STATGA Rytis Dijokas. - Our skilled employees and the easy access of the global production realization markets from Lithuania were the factors that led to "ROL" group decision to expand in our country. I believe that the symbolic capsule of the "ROL" group's factory is only the first step fortifying the foundation of Lithuanian economy".

The Swedish concern "ROL" started building the factory for manufacturing metal parts of furniture and trading equipment in the industrial park of Šiauliai. The project is being implemented by the company ROL/STATGA belonging to the ROL group. The total value of the investments is LTL 22 million.  It is planned that construction is to be completed in summer of the next year. Implementation of this project will result in 40 new working places in Šiauliai region.

„ROL Group“ company manufactures components for furniture and office equipment as well as metal gadgets for the group's companies and external clients. The list of company's clientèle includes the names of the world known retail trading systems, fashion industry and office furniture producers. 

Photos by Rolandas Parafinavičius