Šiaulių bankas shall consult the businesspeople in the exhibition „Šiauliai 2009“


During 26-27th of November 2009 Šiaulių bankas is participating in the international exhibition of business and achievements. During the exhibition the officers of the bank are going to consult business people on the most important financial issues.

The days of free consultations are going to be conducted to the business people by Šiaulių bankas in cooperation with the Enterprise Europe Network, Lithuanian innovation centre, „LRF Juridiska Byran“ UAB, Šiauliai department of the State Labour Inspectorate, and Šiauliai Labour Exchange.

At the exhibition Šiaulių bankas introduces various funding possibilities to the business people, provides consultations how to take the better advantage of the state supported credits, how to receive guarantees from the “Investment and Business Guarantees” UAB (INVEGA) and the target credit funds from the Rural Credit Guarantee Fund.

Moreover, during the days of consultations the leaders of the companies will be provided with the information on the following topics: “Legal management of indebtedness”, “Aspects of the conclusion of the international agreements”, “Security and health of employees”, “Labour Law”, “Services provided to employers by labour exchange”, “International business partnership”, “Search of partners”, “Business correspondence”, “Management of innovation and protection of intellectual property: patents, brand signs, recommendations on business strategy and management issues”, “Initiation and implementation of innovative and business development projects using the EU structural funds”, etc.

Consultation days to business people are going to take place on November 26-27th in the exhibition “Šiauliai 2009” (address: Šiaulių arena, J.Jablonskio str. 16, Šiauliai) in the stand No. 3.1.2. of the Enterprise Europe Network. Business people are welcome to participate!