Šiaulių bankas quashes the myths with the "MasterCard" payment card campaign


During the period from 11 November 2013 to 9 March 2014 Šiaulių bankas arranges the  campaign of the debit and credit cards issued by "MasterCard" , one of the biggest payment card system operators world-wide. During the campaign the cards can be acquired at more favourable fees applicable to the card issuance (some cards are issued without an issue fee), servicing and credit limit granting.

The goal of the "MasterCard" payment card campaign "Choose reality not the myths" arranged by Šiaulių bankas is to quash the myths stating that it is difficult to receive a credit card and it is expensive to maintain it. If the client prefers, a credit payment card can be acquired without a credit limit - in this case the client will have possibility to use other benefits provided by the credit payment cards.  For example, gaining a prestigious payment card „MasterCard Gold“allows not only receiving  the funds to the card, comfortable paying via the Internet and in various countries in the placed marked with the "MasterCard" brand but also travelling safely as the card-holder and three family members travelling together are subject to medical, loss or delay of baggage, travel insurance and insurance against accidents.

During the period of campaign the  „MasterCard Gold“ can be acquired at a price which is four times lower than usually , i.e. for LTL 25 while those, who decide to choose other payments cards belonging to „MasterCard“ group such as „Maestro“, „MasterCard Standard“, „MasterCard Standard BIS“, will receive them free of charge until 09 March 2014. The clients have a possibility not pay the annual card servicing fee as well if they actively use their "MasterCard" payment cards paying for goods in various trading venues and the settlements for goods and services reach the amounts specified in the conditions of the campaign.

We would like to pay your attention that in order to receive a credit payment card an average constant income of three months should reach LTL 500. When you need to borrowr money for a short period of time it is always worth having a payment card with the credit limit. If you use the credit limit on the „MasterCard Standard“ payment card account and cover the indebtedness within 30 days,  you won't have to pay interest for the credit limit.  „MasterCard Gold“  card-holder are subject to even longer interest-free period, i.e. 45 days.

The participants of the "MasterCard" payment card campaign can also take advantage of the exceptional chance to win the "MasterCard" prizes.