Šiaulių bankas provides a variety of services from daily banking to simplified lending conditions to the farmers


Meeting to discuss the provision of the financial services to the farmers the representatives of the Chamber of Agriculture and Šiaulių bankas spoke about the opportunities of creating more favourable lending environment and rendering some special services to the farmers that would allow more efficient management of daily finances.

"The Chamber of Agriculture constantly cares of creating the best possible conditions for the farmers in Lithuania.  So we were pleased to find out that Šiaulių bankas, considering needs of the farmers, offers the special services to  this particular business segment, thus,  seeking to contribute to the successful development of their activities through the special banking products", - Chairman of the Chamber of Agriculture, Andriejus Stančikas appreciated the meeting.

The rhythm of the farmers' performance is of a seasonal character. Each season is different in terms of specific works, therefore we aim to allow the farmer to prepare dully for different farming works depending on the season. Taking into account the farmer's needs we offer more efficient management of finances which includes such items as more favourable fees applied to the bank's services, convenient service of the financial lease, and in case of lack of working capital or in need of funds for investments we can also offer credits at favourable terms", - says Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Šiaulių bankas, Head of Business Development Division Daiva Kiburienė.

If the farmers as well as agricultural companies need some funds to complete the most important works they can apply for credits up to LTL 100 thou at simplified conditions in Šiaulių bakas until 31 August 2014. The credits are granted in the form of a credit, credit line limit or account credit (overdraft). A promissory note or other property mutually agreed between a client and the bank can serve as a credit collateral. To insure the smooth flow of work both the farmers working individually and agricultural companies can use the credit granted by Šiaulių bankas according to their needs - to purchase seeds, fertilizers and other utilities necessary for farming.

Šiaulių bankas also offers  "Kreditas žemei" (a credit for land) to the farmers or agricultural companies to purchase areas of the state-owned  land as well as "Kreditas ūkiui" (a credit for a farm) which could be repaid  using the benefits from the National payment .

Šiaulių bankas offers very attractive service packages "Ūkiškai" (Economically), „Ūkiškai PLIUS” (Economically PLUS) and „Ūkiškai PLIUS GOLD“ (Economically PLUS GOLD) to those engaged in farming for efficient management of their  financial  affairs. Choosing one of the packages one will be able to make an unlimited number of payment orders through the Internet banking system "SB linija" to accounts with Šiaulių bankas and other banks registered n Lithuania - which is very convenient while paying for goods and services. Each farmer using a special service package designed for the farmers shall be automatically insured against accidents - the insurance amounts depends on the chosen package of services.

Both the Chamber of Agriculture and Lithuanian capital bank - Šiaulių bankas - aim to make the farmers' granaries fuller.

If You are engaged in farming activities, please contact the bank and take advantage of the following bank's services.