Šiaulių bankas – one of the most successful enterprises of the year


At the end of 2006, Šiaulių bankas has been granted for the biggest investments of the year into human resources. The Association of Šiauliai Industrialists, which has a tradition to nominate the most successfully operating enterprises of the year, has established this nomination.

“Šiaulių bankas constantly pays attention to its current and futures employees’ training and increase investments into knowledge receptive economy and innovations, encourages to implement novelties and entrepreneurship,” – says Deputy CEO, Head of Corporate and Retail Banking Division, Daiva  Kiburienė who took the award.

The Bank has been a sponsor of the premium for “The Best Project for Town and Business” established by Šiaulių Entrepreneurs and Šiaulių Municipality. The premium is allocated Šiaulių University students for the best development project for the town and business, for the practical application of the idea and economical effect. This competition is taking place at the moment and applications to participate may be submitted until May 1st 2007. The best projects will be selected and winners declared not later than June 1st newt year.

In the event organized by the Association of Šiauliai Industrialists the awards were also given to other members of the association that reached significant achievements as well as enterprises that marked themselves in business during 2006. The enterprises were given the nominations and diplomas of honour for the biggest growth and establishment of the working places, for the investment into business, for the stability of business, etc.