Šiaulių Bankas offers the opportunity to buy a car through leasing without initial payment


Šiaulių Bankas updates the car leasing conditions for natural persons: buy a car in instalments without a down payment.

In view of the large need of the country’s population to buy a car in instalments, from now on Šiaulių Bankas is financing the private customers up to 18 thousand EUR to buy a new or used passenger car through leasing without the initial deposit.

“Customers can very conveniently and quickly enter into leasing contract in Šiaulių Bankas’ offices and car sales locations. These leasing services pros have been supplemented with another feature important for many buyers, which increases opportunities both to buy a car as well as to buy a newer, more comfortable, safer and more economical vehicle”, says Daiva Šorienė, Šiaulių Bankas’ Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Head Business Development Division.

In the case of purchasing a car without down payment by leasing in Šiaulių Bankas, competitive alternating annual interest is applied, which is determined taking into account the age of the vehicle and the leasing term. Possible lease contract period if acquiring a used car is up to 60 months or, if the car is new, up to 84 months. For cars, the cost of which does not exceed 6 thousand EUR Casco insurance is not required.

It is convenient to get an answer on the possibility to buy a car through Šiaulių Bankas leasing and to prepare the contract in about 10 minutes: regardless of whether you are in a bank branch or in one of more than 200 car sales spots all over Lithuania. When signing the contract in the car sales spot, one can immediately cover it with compulsory third party liability and Casco insurance.

Šiaulių Bankas data shows that the car leasing service is really in demand: within six months of this year Šiaulių Bankas entered into 1287 leasing contracts, of which 1013 are car leasing contracts: as much as 78 percent.

The main car leasing conditions, spreadsheet and application form can be found on Šiaulių Bankas’ website under "Car leasing".

If you have questions, you are welcome to call 1813 (when calling from abroad +370 37301337) or write e-mail: sutartis@sb.lt.