Šiaulių bankas offers new payment card and PIN change opportunity


Šiaulių bankas presents two new payment cards for private and business customers: Debit MasterCard and Debit MasterCard Business. From 10 August Maestro cards will no longer be issued. Payment card users will now be able to change the PIN code in the network’s ATMs.

”Probably every owner of a payment card has at least once forgotten the PIN. More than 100 of customers apply to the Bank per month asking to remind the PIN code,” says Šiaulių bankas Deputy CEO, Head of Business Development Division Daiva Kiburienė.

Until now, customers were required to use the PIN generated by the bank's automated system. According to D. Kiburienė, for the people it is much easier to memorize one’s own code, however when creating it one must bear in mind some certain rules.

”When you are changing your PIN, try using hard-to-guess sequence of numbers. For example, we advise you not to choose PIN with all four digits being the same, arranged in ascending or descending order, other card’s PIN or your birth date”, advises D. Kiburienė.

Maestro and MasterCard payment card users can change their PIN code by using any ATM of the common network (Šiaulių bankas, Nordea, Danske Bank, Citadele). The new PIN is effective immediately from the moment of its change.