Šiaulių bankas network is comprised by nearly half a hundred components


Šiaulių bakas AB is building up next to its clients. Taking into consideration the needs of citizens of Šiauliai, the Bank has opened the eighth Client Service Centre in Šiauliai town, i.e. 49th subdivision of the Bank all over the Republic.

Rėkyva is located far from the town’s center and is the most distant catchment’s area of Šiauliai. The new Client Service Centre is opened at the comfortable place that is often visited by the population of Rėkyva: the building is located on the main street of Rėkyva and there is a supermarket operating next to our subdivision.

Immediately after the opening of the Client Service Centre of Šiaulių bankas AB, seven block-of-flat communities of Rėkyva expressed their wish to use banking services provided by it. “People are happy that they would not need to move to the town’s center in order to pay their utility fees, to place their deposits and to use other services provided by the Bank. It is comfortable and time-saving, - these were the first responses heard by the CSC’s officers, “, - says Skaidrė Medelienė, the Head of Šiauliai Branch.
 In the new cosy Client Service Centre the individuals of Rėkyva as well as enterprises operating there will have opportunity to use the most of the services provided by Šiaulių bankas such as collection of fees and other payments, placement of all types of deposits, currency exchange, ordering of e-banking services, acquiring a payment card applying which a client does not need to pay additional fees to the bank while paying utility fees.

Approaching to its fifteens anniversary Šiaulių bankas rapidly expands all over Lithuania since the day it has been opened. At the moment there are  49 subdivision operating in 29 towns of Lithuania.

Besides this new Client Service Centre recently opened in Rėkyva, in 2006 Šiaulių bankas has housewarming celebrations in Ukmergė, Biržai and Jonava. In the nearest future Šiaulių bankas projects to open several more subdivisions – a new Client Service Centre has been established in Šiauliai, on 8 Energetikų st.. Two officers of the Bank have been providing banking services for almost a week already, business hours are very comfortable: on workdays from 9 am to 6 pm, on Saturdays from 9 am to 2 pm without a lunch break.