Šiaulių bankas managed by local investors and EBRD is strengthening management team


Šiaulių bankas, seeking to strengthen its position in the market, has focused its attention towards the management - four new experienced specialists of banking sector Mindaugas Plečkaitis, Gražvydas Šimkus, Mindaugas Rudys and Rimvydas Mockus are joining the management of the Bank and the Bank’s Group.

“We welcome that such strong and professional persons having a big experience in banking sector have joined the team of Šiaulių bankas. I believe that their contribution towards the creation of successful Šiaulių bankas will be very important”, says Chief Executive Officer Audrius Žiugžda. “Bringing their new knowledge and valuable experience they will pay a major attention towards the sale of banking products and services as well as concentrate on the clients’ needs and expectations”.

Mindaugas Plečkaitis is appointed as the Head of the region of Kaunas and Director of the Branch. Within 17 years of experience in financial sector M. Plečkaitis was working with corporate clients for a long time and managing sales processes. Before entering Šiaulių bankas M. Plečkaitis was the director of group of sale to private clients of Kaunas branch of SEB bankas.

Gražvydas Šimkus is appointed to direct Klaipėda region and branch of Šiaulių bankas. He has been working in the banking sector already for 16 years. In the last six years he G. Šimkus was a Manager of Western region branch of  SEB bankas.

Rimvydas Mockus will start management of Vilnius region and will take a position of Director of Vilnius branch since 1 March this year.  Before entering Šiaulių bankas R. Mockus was working in telecommunication companies; since 2005 he was in different management posts in SEB bankas. Recently he was a head of division dealing with debts recovery from natural persons of SEB bankas.

Subsidiary company of the Bank “Šiaulių banko lizingas” has a new manager: Mindaugas Rudys was appointed as a director of enterprise this week. M. Rudys started his career in lease business in 2002, he was taking a managing position in the enterprise “SEB lizingas” for a long time; recently he was also appointed as the Chairman of the Board of  “Šiaulių banko lizingas” UAB.

“I believe that the experience, competence, energy and initiative of new team members will enhance our clients’ trust in Šiaulių bankas, the Lithuanian capital bank”, says Chief Executive Officer Audrius Žiugžda.

Audrius Žiugžda is working as the Chief Executive Officer in Šiaulių bankas since 1 February this year. Previously he was working as a consultant of Director General of TEO AB; till October 2009 Audrius Žiugžda was a president of SEB bank in Lithuania. A. Žiugžda entered Šiaulių bankas having experience of 17 years in banking sector.

About Šiaulių bankas

Šiaulių bankas is directing its activity towards the SME as well as rendering of financial services to customers. The Bank has 52 territorial outlets operating throughout the Lithuania. The authorized capital of the Bank amounts LTL 205 million. The major shareholder of the Bank the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) owns 22.44 per cent of a total number of the Bank’s shares. Šiaulių bankas is one of the banks in Lithuania with the biggest share of Lithuanian capital in the country: companies registered in Lithuania own 71 per cent of the Bank’s authorized capital.