Šiaulių bankas made a presentation to investors at the stock exchange


On October 1, 2009 at the meeting of quoted companies with the investors arranged by the NASDAQ OMX Vilnius AB stock exchange Šiaulių bankas made a presentation on its activity trends, results and prospects.

The bank’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Head of Finance and Credit Division Donatas Savickas furnished information regarding the activity results of Šiaulių bankas, its financial ratios, compliance with the prudential requirements limiting activity risks, collaboration with international institutions and participation in economy stimulation plan.

The shares of Šiaulių bankas have been quoted at the Main List of NASDAQ OMX Vilnius AB since December 11th 2006. On July 2nd 2007 the bank’s shares were enrolled into the securities market trading index of the Baltic States OMX Baltic 10 (OMXB 10). Moreover, the shares issued by Šiaulių bankas are calculated into such indexes as Down Jones STOXX  Eastern Europe TMI, Dow Jones STOXX Eastern Europe TMI Small and Down Jones STOXX  EU Enlarged TMI.

The presentation made at the meeting is available here.


Šiaulių bankas‘AB meeting with investors, 1 October, 2009, Vilnius.
A report is presented by Deputy Chairman of the Bank Board Donatas Savickas.

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